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Outreach and Education


* Where Have the Electric Vehicles Gone?
We need to know how many are where in order to plan effectively.


* Why We DO NOT NEED a Charging Infrastructure
To Put Millions of EVs on the Road by Russell Sydney

Community Based Action

* National Plug in Day, Local events for you to help with Sunday Sept. 23


* California Energy Security, An event sponsored by Senator Fran Pavley, Thursday, September 27.


* Alt Car Expo see and drive the latest and greatest, gather and support the State level EV community Friday Sept. 28th and Saturday Sept 29th


* Focus on Fleets at the Expo a great opportunity for fleet managers at the Alt Car Expo

Getting your Sustainable Ride


* Electric vehicle charging station program offered by ChargePoint


* Anyone Ready to do the EV Tango?


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Outreach and Education


Where Have the Electric Vehicles Gone?
We need to know how many are where in order to plan effectively


It is very exciting to see more and more Electric Vehicles (EVs) being sold. We have more of them on the road than ever before. National sales figures show over 40,000 on the road. It is becoming a bit of a pony race as to which ones are selling the most.


One thing that is prompting this article is that the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has just released data about the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program in California. The data shows where many of the vehicles are located.


Probably the most significant reason to look at the current distribution of the Electric Vehicles is the current effort to develop plans for the charging infrastructure. Knowing where the vehicles are is basic to figuring out what chargers will be needed and what level of use to anticipate for each location. It will be a key to the success of each location and should therefore be of concern to those investing in the infrastructure. That includes the hosting sites, the network operators and to the government funding sources. It should be of particular concern to agency staff responsible for planning the deployment of chargers. A recommendation for chargers that are redundant or in the wrong location would be subject to challenges that could compromise the success of any efforts.


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Outreach and Education


Why We DO NOT NEED a Charging Infrastructure

To Put Millions of EVs on the Road by Russell Sydney


There is an idea that we have to have all sorts of chargers in place before people will be able to use the amazing electric cars we have available today. This article will show that millions of the vehicles in the country can be electric before we need any public charging infrastructure. Almost anyone reading that statement will be going but what about this issue and what about that concern. Hold those thoughts, step into a state of suspended cognitive disbelief and take a look at the FACTS.


When we get done with the facts we will then discuss some of the feelings and beliefs that are keeping people from using EVs and how those come from having a mindset created by the internal combustion engine and the use of fossil fuels.


There is a very important reason to consider this question. There are people who are not buying the vehicles because they think they need infrastructure to use them at all. Some of them think they have to have a level 2 charger at home and others think they need lots of public chargers available. Given that we now have close to forty thousand EVs in use nationwide, there is a pretty good chance that may not be the case. This article will show the details that support that idea.


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Community Based Action

National Plug in Day, Local Events for you to help with Sunday Sept. 23


Anyone who wants to see EV sales take off can help do just that by supporting this event. This event is right on target to get lots more people on the EV band wagon. The event organizers know what it takes to get people to make the decision to go EV and they have built that into these events.


You can be part of making that happen whether you own an EV yet or not. Contact the organizers to help out. Spread the word to your friends and bring them with you to the event. Remember every new EV on the road is one step toward making them more affordable for us all. It is also a step toward oil independence and responsible stewardship for our planet.


A question for our people in other countries, what would it take for this to become the International Plug In Day next year?


The information below covers the events in Ventura/Santa Barbara, in Los Angeles and in Orange County (where there is a new venue). For information about the events in the other nearly sixty places please go to:


There are events all over the country so get with the program already


Ventura and Santa Barbara are joining forces to work on this one. The main event is in Santa Barbara by the beach and harbor. It starts at 11:00 am with lots of great things happening. Here are the highlights


Santa Barbara


Sunday, Sept. 23 at 11am - 1pm

SB Harbor Parking Lot (by Los Banos Pool)

Connect with the plug in community


11:00am - The festivities begin with Ride and Drives in the Volt, LEAF, and Plug in Prius, bring friends and family. We'll kick off the day with a tailgate party at the harbor.


12:00pm - A ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Helene Schneider for two new charging stations in the Harbor Parking Lot


Join the EV parade


1:00pm - Be part of the largest parade of EVs Santa Barbara has ever seen!


RSVP to for free reserved parking for your EV at the tailgate party, for details, sample signs, and more. Decorating your EV with signs or messages is encouraged.


Here is a link to the event in Santa Barbara.


Ventura County


We will be gathering in Downtown Ventura to create a mini parade by caravanning together to the event in Santa Barbara. The caravan will leave from the charging stations located in the downtown garage on Santa Clara street just east of California Ave. We will be putting signs and flags on our vehicles prior to leaving at 10:00 am.


The caravan will parade down main street in Ventura and then go through Carpinteria, Summer land, Montecito etc. and along the beach to the main venue in SB. We will cruise to show as many people as possible that Plug in Vehicles are here and are fantastic.


If you need more info please email


Los Angeles National Plug In Day


This event is located for easy access from downtown to the Westside and from the South Bay.


Sun, Sep 23, 2012

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Event Location

610 Lairport St.
El Segundo, CA 90245

We will be holding our event at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo.


Our focus will be on having many varied plug-in cars available for driving by the public. The new PIA focus is "It takes a driver to make a driver". This essentially means we need the existing plug-in drivers to reach out to their friends and co-workers to try out their EVs.

We believe that once someone experiences the superior driving characteristics of a plug-in car, they will be more likely to acquire one themselves. We will have vehicles representing the full line up of plug-in vehicles available for purchase. From Nissan LEAFs to Tesla Roadsters, from Chevy Volts to the Toyota Prius and everything in between. If you have ever wondered what it's like to drive on electricity instead of oil, this is your chance.

The contact to get going with this event is 310-403-1303 and


Orange County National Plug In Day (new location)

Join us on Sunday September 23rd

We will be in Mitsubishi of North Americas Cypress parking lot as Orange County celebrates the electrifying benefits of plug-in cars! Be part of the large gathering of drivers, EV advocates and electric vehicles assembled in Mitsubishis lot with limited level 1, level 2 and some fast charging provided on site.

Enjoy a solar-side program as well as i-MiEV ride and drives. Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association are sponsoring simultaneous events staged in cities throughout the country.

WHERE: 6400 Katella Ave. Cypress, Ca 90630

WHEN: Sunday, September 23, 2012

TIME: 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


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Community Based Action

Energy Security, California Business and Military Partnerships Thursday, September 27


This is a really good opportunity to learn more and to support Senator Pavley. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


EV owners and advocates are encouraged to bring their vehicles and be on hand to talk about how they are working for you.


California State Senate Informational Hearing


The California State Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and the California State Senate Select Committee on the Environment, the Economy, and Climate Change will hold an informational hearing on Energy Security, California Business and Military Partnerships. The committees, chaired by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Anna) and Senator Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills), will hold the hearing


When: Thursday, September 27, 2012 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.


Where: California State University, Channel Islands

Broome Library in Classroom 1360.

One University Drive, Camarillo, CA 93012

Follow event signs to Parking Lot A-10.


The hearing will examine how California, in-state clean energy businesses and the military are partnering up to break the nation's oil dependence and enhance energy security.


Every day, the United States spends about $1 billion on foreign oil, and the Department of Defense has declared oil dependence a strategic threat to our national security. There is a crucial need to strengthen our state and national energy security by lessening our dependence on foreign oil.


This joint hearing will feature insight from business leaders and military officials who are working on new, innovative technologies that will not only strengthen our energy security but also stimulate our economy and create jobs.


There will be a presentation and a chance to test drive the newest fuel-efficient cars including: Mitsubishi i-MiEV; Chevy Volt; BMW Active E; Nissan Leaf; CODA Sedan; Toyota Plug-in Prius; Tesla Model S and the Mercedes F-cell.

Contact: Chuck Dalldorf

916- 651-4023/ Cell: 916-502-2545

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Community Based Action


Alt Car Expo, see and drive the latest and greatest, gather and support the State level EV community Friday Sept. 28th and Saturday Sept 29th.

2012 AltCar Expo & Conference

It is that time of year again. Have you cleared your calendar? Have you told all your friends? Have you figured out who you will car pool with and if you can put together an EV caravan to get there? There is a caravan leaving from Ventura County, please reply for details.

This is not only a chance to keep up with the technology; it is an annual gathering of the faithful. It is a networking opportunity and a chance to make connections that advance the effort toward sustainable transportation and oil independence.

Friday & Saturday September 28-29
10 am - 5 pm
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Free Admission to the Expo Hall, Ride & Drive and most programming

AltCar Exhibit Hall provides one of the most extensive presentations of Alternative technology vehicles and transportation, infrastructure, renewable energies, energy efficiency and urban planning found worldwide.

AltCar Ride & Drive Area offers a rare hands-on experience with all technologies.

Focus on Fleets Conference
supplies the Fleet Industry with the most cutting edge information on all aspects of alternative vehicle technology, infrastructure and sustainability.

AltCar Speakers Program brings world renowned experts to consumers and professionals.

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Community Based Action

2012 Focus on Fleets Conference


Friday September 28, 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Conference Partners: AQMD, SCAG, SCAG Clean Cities, CallStart, NAFA, MEMA


Admission to the Focus on Fleets conference requires pre-registration.

Please check back for session updates; schedule is subject to change


9:30 am

Morning Keynote: Supervisor Mike Antonovich

Award Presentation: LifeTime Achievement

Mayor Ronald Loveridge



Industry Town Hall Session


Moderator: Mike Jackson, TIAX


Mark Smith

Department of Energy

National Clean Cities Program

Terry Tamminen

Seventh Generation

Peter Ward

Alternative Fuels Advocates


11:00 am

SCAG's Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), AQMD's Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), the 54.5 mpg Fuel Efficiency Standard What is their Nexus - their common thread? Why they are important, how vehicles and our fleets will be changing.


Moderator: Rick Teebay, Los Angeles County,

Office of Sustainability


Jacob Lieb

Manager of Sustainability,

Southern California Association of Governments

Patricia Kwon

Air Quality Specialist, SCAQMD


12:15 pm

Lunch Keynote

Eric Corey Freed, LEED AP, Hon. FIGP, Principal of organicARCHITECT


1:35 pm

The Biggest Challenges in Greening Fleets including:

ARB Certification, Funding, Vehicle Availability, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Implementation


David Kantor, CalStart

Rick Longobart, City of Santa Ana

Paul Condran, City of Culver City

Dale Morin Automotive Engineering Environmental & Training Manager

UPS - West Region


3:00 pm

AltCar Ride & Drive and Exhibit Hall


4:30 pm

Dinner Reception


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Getting your Sustainable Ride

Electric vehicle charging station program offered by ChargePoint


There is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station program being offered by ChargePoint ( Please see the ChargePoint announcement below for details and contact ChargePoint if you have any questions.


We have great news! For a limited time only, ChargePoint is giving away EV charging stations for the workplace. ChargePoint is making available one FREE charging station to any workplace location that does not already have a ChargePoint station in their parking lot.


ChargePoints JumpStart program is designed to assist you with encouraging your employer to install a FREE ChargePoint station. Any California employer with more than 50 employees is eligible! This is the perfect opportunity for anyone with sustainability agendas, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programs, new construction and renovation programs.


To assist your employer in making workplace EV charging prevalent, ChargePoint can also assist in finding a low cost installation provider.


Why are we doing this?


With the ChargePoint JumpStart program, we want to help EV drivers like you get EV charging services at your place of employment. Some of the most progressive and forward-thinking organizations in the world including Google, SAP, 3M, Facebook, Dell and Adobe, provide ChargePoint charging stations for their employees. With ChargePoint JumpStart we are putting the power to charge in the hands of drivers!


How do you apply?


You can either take the attached offer to the appropriate decision-maker inside your company or apply through the ChargePoint website by October 15, 2012. To apply online, please visit


The free ChargePoint stations are available on a first come first served basis.




Team ChargePoint


P.S. This is not a secret. If you know of an employee that needs a free ChargePoint station at their workplace, please let them know about this great offer.

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Getting your Sustainable Ride

Anyone Ready to do the EV Tango?


If the tango is good enough for George Clooney perhaps you could use one as well. The company is alive and well and is making prudent business decisions to stay in business. The vehicle is seriously hot and you might just benefit from having one in your life.


Here is some information including a link to some of the company Presidents favorite Videos. When you get to the website, be sure to look for the following videos that highlight the vehicle.


Favorite Tango video clips:


Burnout at dragstrip


Launch on dragstrip proving that the motors develop over 3,000 ft lbs of torque. As the Tango has a 43% to 57% weight distribution, front to rear, and weights 3,326 lbs. it takes 9,500 ft lbs of torque at the rear axle to lift the front wheels off of the ground as shown in this video. This can be done with a 3:1 ratio from two motors to the rear wheels. 0 to 60 time was 3.8 seconds.


Drag race against race-prepared Honda


Drag race against Tesla Roadster


Tango plowing through 25" of snow.


George Clooney's Tango zipping down a curvy road.


Tango at the X-Prize where it was the fastest car recorded by Consumer Reports through their emergency lane change maneuver, (moose test).


Tango lane splitting in California where it is legal for motorcycles, as stated on the California Highway Patrol website . 63 police officers have been asked if they would ticket a Tango for lane splitting. They unanimously answered "No." It's only logical since the Tango is infinitely safer, the same width as a typical police motorbike, and 5-inches narrower than a Honda Gold Wing which can also lane split legally.


A clip from the Early Show on how the Tango solves traffic congestion.


Two Tangos driving comfortably side by side in a single lane. Legal even in Washington State.


Washington Governor Gregoire stating on KHQ News that she believes that Commuter Cars could become the largest vehicle manufacturer in the U.S.


Here is the contact info and links to more details.


Rick Woodbury

President, Commuter Cars Corp.
715 E. Sprague Ave., Suite 70
Spokane, WA 99202

Phone: (509) 624-0762


Please download our new brochure at


We are conducting a short survey for a lower-price Tango and would appreciate your feedback:


For the latest Tango news and videos, please visit our blog at:


Favorite Tango video clips:

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