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Community Based Action

* Revenge of the Electric Car, Screening in Ojai August 25th


* National Plug IN Day, Time to organize and strut our stuff! September 23rd.


* Southern California Events For National Plug In Day


* Alt Car Expo, Save the date and reserve your booth, September 28-29th


* The NRG Lawsuit A 100 million dollar concern for the success of Electric Vehicles


* Local Advocacy Becoming Increasingly Important

Outreach and Education


* Demand Charges, How to prevent them from stopping people using EVs


* Public Charging Prices, Would you pay $8.00 equivalent for a gallon of gas?


* Natural Gas, the Good, the Bad and what is with that Fracking!


* Connected by a Concern for Children, a Global Bicycle Community link from our Santa Barbara Bicycle people


* eCarTec Newsletter to stay informed about our EV people in Europe

Getting your Sustainable Ride


* Planning a Conversion? HPEV has a New Website with great info

Legislative Actions


* Bicycle 3-foot passing Support needed at the State Assembly
More work to be done with the California Bicycle Coalition



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Community Based Action

Revenge of the Electric Car, Screening in Ojai August 25th


The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is hosting a screening of the Revenge of the Electric Car along with an Green Car Show on Saturday, August 25 from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on South Signal St.


This is part of the Coalitions Summer Film Series which is focusing on the goal of creating a net zero energy community. EVs tied to solar panels are a great way to create part of such a vision.


With the cost of gasoline edging ever higher, more and more drivers are thinking outside the box and being drawn to the electrical vehicle (EV) market. Until recently that market was small and customers had to search the internet to find out their options, not anymore. The Coalition and sponsors, Santa Paula Chevrolet, Team Nissan and Ventura Toyota are bringing a lot of those options to you.


The main idea behind this is to help get enough interest and energy concentrated in the Ojai area for it to become a model EV community. It is ideally suited on so many levels including all the really good people in that area.


You can make a big difference in helping that to happen. Here are a few things you might consider.


* Show up at the event for either the Screening or the Green Car Show.

* Get everyone you know in Ojai to show up.

* Get people you know from other places to show up.

* Bring a full speed EV, a plug in Hybrid, an electric bicycle, an electric motor cycle or scooter or a low speed electric vehicle to the event.

* Help get PR for the event if you have contacts

* Put out word to your mailing lists


Just showing up and spending time talking to people interested in net zero energy and EVs can really make a big difference. When people see that lots of people are interested in something new, then they are more inclined to want to get involved.


This is also a chance for us to get together to talk about what we can do for National Plug In Day. See the article below for more info.


The show will be located on Signal St. around the corner from the Ojai Theatre, 145 E. Ojai Ave. and run from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The film will be screened at 4:30 p.m. with a $10 suggested donation.


The EV show is free and open to the public. For more information please visit and


Call 805-652-1482 or reply to this mailing to let us know how you want to contribute.


If Ojai can do this then what is keeping you from doing this in your community!

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Community Based Action

National Plug IN Day, September 23rd. Time to organize and strut our stuff


National Plug In Day is to take place on Sunday, September 23, 2012. It is a nationwide celebration staged to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles. It will highlight the environmental and other benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. The second annual event will take the form of simultaneous EV activities staged in more than 50 cities coast to coast. Our goal is to bring our message to consumers, policymakers, the media, and the general public.


The first National Plug In Day took place October 16, 2011. There were events in 29 cities nationwide with hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people participating. Dozens of national and local media outlets covered the events. For event highlights, see and


As in 2011, National Plug In Day 2012 is being organized by Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association. Each of these organizations is committing staffing and other resources to this effort, and the three nonprofit organizations are coordinating closely with one another. Other organizations are also playing a role in making local events a success.


There is still time for you to get involved. Going to these web sites or contacting the organizer will help you find your local action. The contacts for some of the events in Southern California are in the next article below.


If you do not already have something going nearby then you could consider doing something simple and small in your area. That would give you a start in bringing your community into the network of EV friendly places on the planet. Just let us all know what you are up to and we will do what we can to help.


How cool would it be if our people in other countries wanted to do this as well!


Types of Events


Local groups are best able to determine the type of events that will be effective, popular, and feasible in their own communities. Here are a few ideas:


Electric Vehicle Parade:

Club or Group rides in conspicuous places

Electric Tailgate Party

EV Showcase

Ride and Drive Events

Award Ceremony/Press Conference

Ribbon Cutting/Initiative Launch


So as to ensure full coordination (and to avoid duplication), please be in touch with national contacts (see below) at Plug In America, Sierra Club, and Electric Auto Association before sending event recruitment emails and making phone calls to these organizations members in your area. These three organizations will be in touch with all city lead organizers ahead of time about opportunities to reach out to their members, but if you have questions, you can contact:


Erin Tator, Plug In America (

Ron Freund, Electric Auto Association ( for more info on Sierra Club's EV campaign for people to get more info about National Plug In Day


PIA is about to give their local Plug In Day event organizers instructions on how to update their own event info on that site, so it will soon have links to lots of local events.


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Community Based Action

Southern California Events For National Plug In Day


You probably know that our area is one of the hot beds for EV adoption. Many of the Plug in America Founders are right here and we have the biggest local chapter of the Sierra Club.


It should come as no surprise that we will be having some great events for this special day. Here is some of what is going on with the contact information to go with it.


Los Angeles is happening in the South Bay


Paul Scott tells us that in LA, we're locked in to holding our event at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo. Our focus will be on having many varied plug-in cars available for driving by the public. The new PIA focus is:


It takes a driver to make a driver.


This essentially means we need the existing plug-in drivers to reach out to their friends and co-workers to try out their EVs. 


Our event will run from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Here is the site for the ADM:


The museum is being very helpful in that they will reach out to their lists of hard core gas heads to show up and try these cars. We hope that all the other plug-in drivers will bring non-plug-in drivers to the event to try out the various cars.


The contact to get going with this event is 310-403-1303 and


Orange County is happening at the Seal Beach Pier


Linda Nichols tells us that in Orange County, National Plug In Day will be held at the Seal Beach Pier from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Sept. 23. There will be some charging available, including a fast charger, and we are also honoring the memory of EV activist Doug Korthoff who died this year. We will have a program and a parade. We hope to attract at least 100 participants.


My guess is that Linda and her people will create a really fun event.


The contact to get going with this event is, phone # 714-469-7753


Santa Barbara is happening with our people at the CEC taking the lead. These are the same people that put together the Green Car Show so I am sure they will come through with something great. Emails to


Ventura County is just getting going with doing this sort of event. We have a really great group developing and invite you to let us know if you are interested in getting involved.


A contact to get going with this event is or call 805-652-1482


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Community Based Action

Alt Car Expo, save the date and reserve your booth, September 28-29th


Many of us have been involved in helping Rick and Christine to get this event going and we have another opportunity to help it get bigger and better. This event has helped set the pace for green car shows and we can help it to keep going and lead the way.


The event has supported so many of our efforts that it only makes sense to keep pushing it forward. It has been one of the best ways to promote sustainable transport in all its forms both in our region and nationally. It even draws an international audience. What a great job Rick Sikes, Christine Dzilvelis and the City of Santa Monica have done with this program.


Now is the time to make sure you have the booth you need. It is also the time to get word out to all your lists so we can start to build the buzz. It is particularly important to let your out of town friends know so they can make plans to be there.


Have you considered the Focus on Fleets Conference that is part of this event?


One thing it does is supply the Fleet Industry with the most cutting edge information on all aspects of alternative vehicle technology, infrastructure and sustainability. It is also good for people who want to a deeper understanding of the big picture beyond consumer driving. It should really help with planning infrastructure needs.


Here are the details:


2012 AltCar Expo & Conference


Friday & Saturday September 28-29

10 am - 5 pm

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium

Free Admission to the Expo Hall, Ride & Drive and most programming

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Community Based Action

The NRG Lawsuit A 100 million dollar concern for the success of Electric Vehicles


The NRG lawsuit settlement with the state of California will put 100 million dollars in play in the next few years. That money can solve our EV public charging needs or it can compromise the development and put a fortune 300 company in control of public charging.


The details of the settlement are discussed in some detail in the Jun/Jul 2012 issue of Charged Electric Vehicle Magazine ( They explain that $50.5 million dollars is going to be used to create 200 public charging locations with a DC-DC fast charger and at least one level 2 charging station through NRGs company eVgo. Another $40 million will be spent on putting in wiring for 10,000 additional level 2 chargers under the label of Make Ready locations. The rest will go for miscellaneous items.


It is a concern that a lawsuit is being settled by helping NRG establish dominance in yet another energy sector. The lawsuit is based on their subsidiaries using their market dominance to overcharge utilities and consumers over $900 million dollars for electricity.


Does it make sense to settle by giving them the chance to dominate EV charging in California?


To read more click here.


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Community Based Action

Local Advocacy Becoming Increasingly Important


State and Federal support of Electric Vehicle development is will soon require local support and participation. That process here in California is happening at a regional planning phase. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has funded eight Regional Plans to Support Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness. These planes are being developed now and should be ready by early 2013. It is not clear how many end users or actual EV advocates or adopters are participating in this development as this is being done at the regional agency level by staff and consultants.


These plans will be used to guide the charging infrastructure development and the allocation of resources from the state and federal funding. They will include guidelines for regional, county and city agencies for supporting EV development.


In September 2011, the CEC announced eight awards for EV coalitions representing the following geographic areas:


To read more click here.

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Outreach and Education

Demand Charges, How to prevent them from stopping people using EVs


Demand charges can send the cost of electricity sky high and take the public EV charging cost with it. The last newsletter (sent out around June 6 in case you missed it) had a discussion of how that works. That is a big part of what is behind the high rates being considered for the charging network, particularly for the DC to DC fast chargers.


The challenges involved point the way to solutions and the need to consider these concerns more carefully. A few ideas came out of discussions at EVS and more recently that help keep the cost down.


These ideas seem to fall into three main categories. One is to find ways to keep the charging going at the most even rate. The other is to spread the charging around so that we do not have high peak demands in any one area. The third is to use solar systems to cut the peak demand.


To read more click here.


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Outreach and Education

Public Charging Prices, Would you pay $8.00 equivalent for a gallon of gas?


I really like paying $1.30 per gallon equivalent for my Volt when I charge at home. I really like getting free fuel at the free chargers, even if it is only 70 cents worth from a two hour charge. I dont mind paying $2.00 a gallon equivalent from the chargers that have a 50 cent an hour rate.



Would you pay $8.00 a gallon for gasoline? That is what the equivalent is for a four hour charge on a Volt at a charging station with a pay rate of $2.00 per hour. There are stations that charge this rate and higher. 350 Green is rumored to be planning a rate of $0.04 a minute with a one hour minimum which comes to $2.40 an hour when they are bought out by the Car Charging Group.


To read more click here.


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Outreach and Education

Natural Gas, the Good, the Bad and what is that fracking!


Natural gas used in a CNG vehicle costs less than $2.00 per gallon equivalent. It produces much lower emissions than gasoline or diesel. It can help us develop a renewable carbon neutral fuel through biogas processes. The cost of producing biogas fuel is very close to the cost of fossil sources for natural gas. The cost difference is closer than the cost gap between any other fossil fuel and a sustainable alternative fuel.


It is a fuel that is readily available in our country as a domestically produced fuel. There is enough to last from 50 to a hundred years or more depending on who you talk to. It also depends on how we use it. At the very least it will help stop the petro dollar drain and stabilize our economy.


That is the good part.


The bad part is that it is a fossil fuel that adds greenhouse gasses to the environment. It releases both carbon dioxides and carbon monoxides when it is burned even though the amount per mile is notably less than for gasoline or diesel.


Natural gas is basically methane. When natural gas is extracted, transported or transferred from one container to another there is usually a release of the gas into the atmosphere. That release adds up through the whole use cycle to a sizable amount.


To read more click here.


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Outreach and Education

Connected by a Concern for Children, a Global Bicycle Community link from our Santa Barbara Bicycle People


Christine Bourgeois Education Coordinator Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBC) sent in a link that addresses the concerns about when and how to get our children going on bicycles. This is coverage from the recent Velo-City bicycle gathering in Vancouver.


This link also shows us just how far we have to go to get a truly bicycle friendly culture in most of our country.


Another glimpse at the international standards being set can be gained from a great article in the NY Times. 




Are you a SBBC member? Join us


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Outreach and Education

eCarTec Newsletter to stay informed about our EV people in Europe


The EV community has become an ever widening network with better and better connections. One link that was created at EVS 26 was to our people in Germany. They have a newsletter similar to ours called the eCarTec Newsletter. They list 2,567 international recipients in their Subscriber list. Here is the table of contents from their July edition.




1. Apply now: eCarTec Award 2012

2. Sales of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Will Grow Strongly through 2020

3. 3rd International Bike Conference, Register now!

4. eCarTec Conference 2012, Apply now!

5. Five Forgotten Electric Cars: Do YOU Remember Them?

6. Fisker Admits In Ads, 'It Isn't Easy'

7. Leaf Backs Into A Record



Here are some links to get you more information and so you can subscribe.


eCarTec Twitter:


eCarTec Facebook:


Newsletter Subscription <>


MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH

Zamdorfer Strabe 100

81677 Munchen


Tel./Phone: +49 (89) 32 29 91-13


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Getting your Sustainable Ride

Planning a Conversion? HPEV has a New Website with great info


Anyone who thinks about converting a vehicle to electric drive might want to keep up with what our people and High Performance Electric Vehicles are doing. They are the next step for HPGC if you remember who that was. These folks are second generation electric motor innovators that know the ins and outs of EVs like few others. You could benefit from a look at their new web site.

There is lots of new stuff on there.

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Legislative Actions


Bicycle 3-foot passing Support needed at the State Assembly




Urge your Assembly Member to vote YES on Senate Bill 1464, our 3-foot passing bill


Thanks to an avalanche of emails, letters and phone calls from you and thousands of other bike-friendly Californians this spring, the California Senate approved Senate Bill 1464, our legislation to require drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when overtaking them from behind in the same lane.


By giving drivers clear guidance on how to pass bicyclists safely, SB 1464 can help prevent the leading cause of fatal bike-car collisions. You can read all about SB 1464 here.


3-foot passing poster Now SB 1464 is headed to a vote by the California Assembly on Friday, Aug. 24, and we need your support one more time.


Once again, we're partnering with our allies at TransForm to make it easy for you to express your support for SB 1464. Simply go to the TransForm website and follow the instructions for contacting your Assembly Member by email.


You'll find a ready-to-send message of support you can also personalize. If you or someone you know has been injured by a driver passing from behind, please include the basic details in your message. Help your legislator understand why enacting this bill is so important for making our roads safer.


Sending a message only takes a moment, but it'll make a big difference.


We at CBC and our co-sponsor, the City of Los Angeles, are grateful for your past support and look forward to your help in winning passage for SB 1464 in the Assembly. Let's make California the nation's 22nd state to enact a specified passing distance to help protect bicyclists.


Thanks so much!

Jim Brown


Communications Director


P.S. It just takes a minute to make your voice heard in Sacramento. Please act right now to urge your Assembly member to vote YES on SB 1464!




The California Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit education and lobbying organization working to improve bicycling conditions throughout the State of California. Our mission is to harness the skill, knowledge, passion and power of people and partner organizations to change law, policy, practice, culture and individual behavior. Learn more about CalBike.


Looking for other ways to help make a difference? You can support our mission by joining CalBike today or making a special donation.

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