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ST Club Accomplishments  

What have we done as a group?

Does a Club like this make a difference? It depends on the people involved.


The people on our mailing list include so many amazing folks. We have worked together on so many incredible projects over the last eight years that this seems like a good time to take stock and acknowledge what we have accomplished together.


This newsletter has helped to create communication between all of us. It has been edited by Russell Sydney who is also the main contributor. We have then taken actions together and here is a list of some of the results:


* Earthday Sustainable Transport Villages, great events in from 2005 through 2008 in Santa Monica, Pasadena and Redondo, thanks to so many people including: Kaci Palmieri, Joe Greshan, Kent Strumpell, Barbara Fillet, John Breza, Scott Shaw, Aggi Reader, Joe Blackburn and Rick Sikes.


* Energy Fair in Palos Verdes, thanks to David Dutra, Lillian Light,  Dency Nelson, Chris Pine, John Breza, Michael from SM bicycles,


* Bio Diesel Coop, thanks to Kent Bullard, Colette Brooks, Kalib Kersh, Chris and Alex Pine, Daniel Strebin, and Alayha Aquarian,


* Support for Plug In America, thanks to all who helped support Paul Scott, Linda Nichols, Chelsea and Bob Sexton, Dency Nelson, Kelly Olsen, Alexander Paul and all the good folks at PIA


* Green Car Show in SB, thanks to the work of Arjun Sarkar and Sage Davis and the help of Rick Sikes, and Randy Scherer


All this helped create a Regional Network that stretches from Long Beach to Santa Barbara and Pasadena. That network, and so many people in it, helped lay the ground work for the premier alt fuel event; our own:


* Alt Car Expo

Thanks to the leadership of Rick Sikes and Christine Dzilvelis we all got to help kick off and support creating this wonderful thing. By we, that means all of the folks listed above including many more who jumped in including Kelly Olsen, Curtis Shutz and Zion Enos. The SM City Council also played a role in all this including support from our own Kevin Mckeown, Richard Bloom, and Ken Genser (MHRIP) as well as Pam OConner.


You get the idea that there were many many people working on their own thing that were connected by this newsletter and other Club activities that helped make a difference. There were lots of other activities with many more people involved that helped make a difference. This include:


* City of Santa Monica LUCE, many of us worked to get sustainable elements in the LUCE that then led to the new SM Bicycle Plan thanks to Eileen Fogerty, Beth Rolandson, Lucy Dyke  and Michelle as well as many others


* Tripling of bicycle ridership in SM which led to creating SM Spoke thanks to Barbara Filet, Zack Beaty, Alex, the midnight riders, critical mass and others


* All of which helped create the SM Bronze Award as a bicycle friendly City


* A National Network of Advocates and businesses that spawned the MSEV coalition


* Ford Ranger Conversion to electric for the City of Santa Monica


* Electric Charging Stations


* South Bay NEV project, thanks to Wally Siebab, David Magarian and Jackie Bacharach


* SM NEV Club thanks to Tom Beailieu and others


It should be pointed out that all of this was made possible by the group that spawned the club. That group was the Westside Greens which was made possible by the work and dedication of lots of people including Kevin McKeown, Danny Meyer, Russell Sydney, Will Yeager, Michael from Cycle Santa Monica, Elisabeth Green, and Jim Bernet.


The main point to all this is that working together can get all sorts of unexpected results. It lets us do the bits that we can when we can. When we do that with likeminded people, things happen, sometimes in a big way.


That is why the next step this newsletter will be promoting the formation lots of local Clubs. These clubs can work to take action at the next level within their own areas. That would create a whole new wave of results. This newsletter can help these groups communicate their success stories and help share information on how to create more of the sorts of results listed above.


Please let us know if you are interested in moving forward with a new group and if you have a group we can network with and create communication channels together. Replying to this email is the easiest or you can call 805-652-1482.


This article was written by Russell Sydney

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