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This Website is a spinoff from the Medium Speed EV Coalition. The MESV Coalition is a community based national network that has started the work described in the plan. It is part of the larger network of electric vehicle advocates that represents a strong base for moving this plan forward. This network needs to take things to the next level which means partnering with the government and industry to bring the Vision into reality.
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The MSEV Coalition is advancing this effort. It is made up of Electric Vehicle advocates from industry, from government, from the Universities and from grassroots organizations.
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Local Use Vehicles
A LUV in every garage
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This effort will work if people like you help to make it work!
What the Coalition and the people in the network have done.

     Creating a National Network of stakeholders - including end users, Government fleets, City governments and planners, manufacturers, importers, dealers and gas to electric vehicle converters.

     Creating an industry exposition with national level recognition The Alt Car Expo in both Santa Monica and Austin.

     Building some of the most sustainable fleets in the country at both Santa Monica and UC Santa Barbara

     Getting Ten states to pass MSEV laws and eight others to consider the issue

     Building a clearly defined urban development plan that qualitatively defines and quantitatively justifies the need for Local Use Vehicles as a key element for conditions of urban sprawl

    Conducted a whole range of market studies to identify the key elements needed for market acceptance of Local Use Vehicles

    Built LUVs from the ground up with businesses dedicated to marketing them

     Imported gliders and established North American electric vehicle conversion plants

     Converted numerous stock vehicles from gasoline to Electric LUVS including converting a Ford Ranger in less than one month.

     Clearly identified the infrastructure requirements for LUVs of all levels and a plan for a natural progression approach to dissemination that has minimal capital requirements

    Engineering motors, motor mounts, chargers, conversion components, and specifically for electric LUVs.

     Identified the regulator concerns at the local, state and Federal levels for implementing the development plan

     Engineered prototype LUVs from the standard NHTSA approved technology to North American production standards


The MSEV Coalition and its affiliates have accomplished a great deal toward filling the elements of a solid development plan already. Some of these accomplishments include:
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