Mobilizing America for Energy Independence
The U.S.A has very limited resources in play toward building an electric vehicle industry and is basically playing catch up. This situation calls for positive assertive action to turn things around.

The urgency for taking action can be seen in the gulf oil spill. The urgency can be seen in the economic drain from our oil dollars leaving our economy. The urgency can be seen in the high unemployment rate in our auto industry.

Local Use Vehicles are allowing the rest of the world to start with simple electric vehicle solutions and build their industry on that base. Europe Japan, China and India are all making significant headway in this manner.

Fortunately we have the abilities of the American entrepreneur, the resources of the most well developed capital system ever created and a new generation of leaders who understand the problem.
A Program to Create a Domestic Industry for Efficient,
Sustainable Transportation Solutions.
We can put the USA on top of the emerging market for energy efficient vehicles, if we use the highly developed models for economic development. These models are specifically designed to engage the wide range of interests needed for us to get back on track quickly. The model starts with creating a network of all the concerned parties and focusing their combined abilities on the needed solutions.

The program would require coordinating the support of existing entrepreneurs across the country and connecting these to the domestic auto industry while coordinating the support of regulatory agencies at the Federal and State Levels. It would also require working to develop grass roots support at the community level from both consumers and local government working to meet emissions and energy goals.
A comprehensive program to develop Local Use Vehicles
would turn all this around
These Three parts would need to work together to address the elements needed to create success. The current situation is not conducive to solving the problems associated with this issue. This needs to shift to a solution-oriented condition. The table below contrast this current situation with the conditions that would help solve the concerns.
There are three parts that would need to work together. These are:
The Vision
The Plan
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A LUV in every garage
About Luvs
Local Use Vehicles
The Plan for Action
Government Leadership Needed

     Government: State, Federal and Local Government

     Industry: Entrepreneurs and the Domestic Auto Industry

     Citizen Consumers: grassroots support

The best way to implement this solution is to engage the Federal Government from the top down. The effort would start with one of the Departments recognizing the potential of a vision like the one put forward on this website. Since this issue is primarily one of energy use and supply, the most suitable branch would be the Department of Energy.

There are at least three roles the Government can play to help create this solution. These include:

     Helping to Create Political Support and Pressure
to create the comprehensive plan of action

    Creating the needed laws to facilitate getting the vehicles produced and deployed

     Building programs that support the concept and implementation
of Local Use Vehicles as the Second Car Solution to Oil Dependence.

The most critical of these three elements is to help create the political will through support and pressure. This needs to be directed toward the Federal Leadership to get the needed elements in play.

The lynch pin issue is to allow entry-level vehicles into the market with adequate safety while lowering the barriers to entry. This means supporting three things:
Further discussion on Federal, State and Local level action will be added soon. Active links will be provided on this and other pages once that is online.
Medium Speed Vehicles are the basic and safest entry level LUV. To learn more Click here.
The rest of the Plan
The resources of the US Auto Industry can be regenerated with LUVS. Watch here for a link to learn more.
Applying the dynamic abilities of the American Entreprenuer will help this to fly. Watch here for a link to learn more.
The LUV Vision needs to become a high profile brand. Watch here for a link to learn more.
LUVs are key to a Smart Growth Model in urban sprawl areas. Watch here for a link to learn more.
Federal Government Leadership Needed (watch for link here)
State Government Leadership Needed (watch for link here)
Local Governments would be the base of this effort (watch for link here)
Engaging and supporting Entreprenuers and the Auto Industry (watch for link here)
Building grassroots support with consumers (watch for link here)

     Creating favorable conditions for small volume vehicle manufacturers

     Creating a Medium Speed Vehicle Classification through NHTSA

     Facilitating conversion of vehicles to electric drive and other alt fuels through gliders and after market conversions.

Overview of the Changes Needed


Current Conditions

Solution Conditions Needed


Supporting the big eight to keep jobs and economy going with the status quo of oil based vehicles. Only Air Quality Standards are creating effective pressure for change.

Supporting new entrepreneurs focused on sustainable alternatives and helping integrate these with the Big Three for the creation of American jobs and Companies



Dominated by the Big Eight and will do no more than is required to solve this problem while minimizing risk

New entrepreneurs building low volume manufacturers in partnerships with existing supply chains and marketing channels that are fully supported by Wall Street


Want all their vehicles to do everything they could ever want them to do with touring car ability as the foundation.

Understand their role in solving this issue by having their second and third vehicles as Local Use Vehicles

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