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Safety Issues Tied to Medium Speed Vehicles
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Given that speed kills we would all go with the 35 mph vehicle. From that starting point we can draw together information that fills out that intuitive answer with real data.
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About LUVs
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Local Use Vehicles

     They would be limited to going 35 mph

     They would be used primarily on streets with posted
              speed limits of 35 mph or less.

Limiting the speed to 35 mph means these vehicles have five key safety advantages.
Two of these are based on simple physics. The five advantages are:

The Maya 300
Engineered in North America
Adding all of these up will show how there is a clear safety advantage to a vehicle that can only go 35 miles an hour. With only 25 percent of fatal accidents occurring in 35 mph zones and over 1/3 of these tied to speeding vehicles that means a 35 mph vehicle that cannot speed would only be exposed to less than 15 percent of all fatal accidents. What other safety feature can keep a vehicle out of 85 percent of all fatal accidents?
Medium Speed (MSV)
If we then give these vehicles a good set of safety features appropriate for those speeds we will clearly be creating some of the safest vehicles in the world.
Limiting a Vehicle to 35 mph in 35 mph Zones Keeps that Vehicle
Safe from over 85 percent of All Fatal Accidents.

     Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) regulations

o      These are not adequate for urban use vehicles in both speed and safety features

     Three Wheel Motorcycles

o      These have limited safety features at full speeds

     Passenger vehicle standards

o     These have full speed and full safety features for 80 mph conditions 

o      These full speed safety features are part of the expensive barrier to entry.

MSEV Regulations are showing us the way - Click here for Information
The Vision
Low Speed Vehicle Safety Specifications are very basic in nature. They were intended for vehicles that were to be operated in controlled environments like country clubs and college campuses.
MSEV Need Support
The informationon this page is supported by strong data. Click here to learn more.
Medium Speed Vehicles are Inherently Safer
The two following key features of MSVs make this statement true.

     They have some of the lowest destructive energy of any vehicle that drives in our neighborhoods.

    Their limited speed is in the speed range with the shortest possible braking distance.

     Less than 20 percent of all fatalities occur with vehicle speeds below 35 mph

     The zones with speeds up to 35 miles an hour are the safest of all speed zones with less than 25 percent of the accidents happening in those zones.

     The vehicles cannot exceed the speed limit when speeding vehicles contribute 37.5% of the accidents in these speed zones.

Which vehicle is safer - One going 35 mph or
Understanding the safety advantage of a 35 mph vehicle starts with an intuitive answer to a straightforward question.
MSVs Need Good Safety Equipment to be the Safest Vehicles
What Level of Safety Features are right for an MSEV?
There are three levels of safety regulations that electric vehicles can use to comply with the Federal regulations. All three create real problems when it comes to getting large numbers of oil independent vehicles on the road. These are:
What is needed is better safety than the LSV and motorcycle standards and a reasonable set of standards for the 35 mph that a Medium Speed Vehicle (MSV) needs. The passenger vehicle standards add both development costs (on the order of as much as $30 million per model of vehicle) and production costs to the small-scale production process. A large part of this expense is for safety features intended for use at speeds over 35 mph.

There are 38 safety specifications for passenger vehicles. New producers can meet around 80 percent of these reasonably easily. The expensive components include elements tied to crash testing.
Unintended Consequences - Click here for Information
MSVs are a key element in getting safe Local Use Vehicles on the road. There are blocks to realizing this LUV potential that need to be removed. Click here to learn more.
Federal Safety Standards are Needed to Resolve these Concerns
Various parties associated with this work have partitioned the Federal Government for these standards. That petition was denied on the grounds that all vehicles should have the same safety equipment regardless of the speed of the vehicle. This view ignores the inherent safety of limited speed vehicles, which far outweighs the benefits of safety features that are most effective at speeds over 35 mph.

There are unintended consequences and key considerations that are overlooked by this view. The issues involved have significant impacts that justify taking another look at these details.
Safety Regulators are missing key safety benefits of limited speed vehicles. Click here to learn more.
Safety Concerns for vehicles have created unintended consequence. Click here to learn more.
Basic Low Speed Vehicle Safety Specifications are
NOT adequate for Urban Driving.
Low Speed Vehicles and their limits - Click here for Information
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