The companies working with overseas automakers
are doing that for two reasons. These are price and
the fact that those companies are willing to work with them. Domestic auto companies have long had stonewalls toward this level of innovation. The discussion on full speed vehicles will go into more detail about how this can be turned around to generate made in America Evs.

These companies need to be able to attain economies of scale to compete in both the domestic and global markets. Some of the challenges they face and the support they need is detailed on the page Growing the Domestic EV Manufacturers.
Two Ways to Create New Vehicles
There are two ways to get electric vehicle production into high gear in this country. These are:
Building New Vehicles to be Electric Drive
Converting vehicles from gas to electric has been a hobby experience up until recently. Companies are emerging that have taken that to the professional level and are producing quality products at low volumes. Factory level conversions and upgrades have been conducted at factories including the Phoenix, the AC Propulsions, the Electric BMW, the ZENN and the Miles vehicles. The Smart has been converted for the European market and Ford is working on two of their vehicles.

These examples are all moving in the right
direction but there is a need to take this to
the next level to get it to be competitive.
This is discussed in more detail on the page on
Building EVs from domestic Gliders.
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Building LUVs
The Vision
About LUVs
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A LUV in every garage
The Plan
Local Use Vehicles

    Convert existing vehicles from Gas to Electric or Alt. Fuel

    Build NEW vehicles to be Electric Drive or Alt. Fuel

There are entrepreneurs across this country that have started down this road. There are three types of companies involved as follows.
If a start up company can produce a quality electric LUV converted out of a Ford Ranger in less than 30 days, - - - then why is it taking so long to get these vehicles on the road?

     Companies producing EVs for the Low Speed Vehicle Standards

     Companies producing three wheel electric vehicles to motorcycle safety standards

     Companies working with overseas automakers to produce EVs using American Engineering and some US based manufacturing.

All of these companies have taken one or many steps down the road to creating electric Local Use Vehicles but most of them are struggling and many are not surviving. We are developing expertise that is being dashed against the combined perils of the recession and regulations created for the mature gasoline based vehicle market. How can a fledgling industry survive such a double whammy without help?

Each of these production segments has problems that can be resolved by implementing a comprehensive program to support this fledgling industry. The Low speed vehicle specification does not provide adequate speed or safety standards for the domestic urban market. The information on the Medium Speed Electric Vehicles (MSEVs) will discuss this in detail
There are critical concerns about what it takes to Grow the Domestic EV Manufacturing,
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The Big Three Automakers have Limited Options that go way beyond their financial condition. Contact us for an in-depth analysis and a full range of solutions.
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Three Wheel vehicles are cute and they are safer than motorscooters and motorbikes.
Can they really compete with a 4 wheel LUV?
New Vehicles
Converting Vehicles from Gas to Electric
These companies have technology and expertise that could be refocused on producing a safer and more functional vehicle. Three wheel vehicles have never gained market acceptance to any high degree. Why would an electric drive change that?
The three-wheel electric motorcycles are another attempt to put electic vehicles on the road while getting around the barriers to entry in the market. Motorcycles safety requirement are significantly less than those for passenger vehicles.
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The American Entreprenuer is working on creating all sort of LUVs. Our group can put you in contact with some of the best.
Converting Vehicles to electric and alternative fuels has huge potential for the existing vehicles and for creating jobs. Our group has in depth knowledge in this area. The Contact Us button can help get you going.
Both of these choices require support and a coordinated effort. Both of these options are currently of limited use to the Big Three for reasons discussed separately. These options are a way to apply the energy and skills of the American Entrepreneur to solving our problems.
Creating widespread use of LUVs requires strong national and local action.
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