Example of Benefits for 1000 Electric LUVs
If a LUV were driven 30 miles a day they would do close to 11,000 miles a year. If we reduce that by ten percent we would be at the 10,000-mile figure which people often site as the national average. That would be a reasonable number of miles for a vehicle to drive doing the things that people do with their second car. That puts it within reason to state that the fuel savings and emissions reductions based on the level of 10,000 miles per year per vehicle.

Below is a chart depicting the emissions credits for 1000 vehicles. The numbers were generated with the Clean Cities Area of Interest 4 Emissions Benefit Tool.
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The Plan
Quantifying the benefits of using electric LUVs can be accomplished
by looking at the benefits of putting 1000 vehicle on the road.

Table Two: Oil Savings from LUVS

Verses Mid Range Passenger Vehicles




Miles per Year per Vehicle


Miles to the Gallon



for Gasoline Vehicles Being Replaced


Gallons Saved per Vehicle per Year


Number of Vehicles


Gallons Saved per Thousand Vehicles


Table One: Annual Emissions Credits

Light Duty Vehicles


Electric Vehicle (EV)


Miles Per day


Days per week


Total Annual CO Credit in pounds


Total Annual VOC Credit in pounds


Total Annual NOx Credit in pounds


Total Annual PM2.5 Credit in pounds


Total Annual GHG Credit in pounds


If the 1000 vehicles in this project replace vehicles that would otherwise drive 10,000 miles per year, then we can see how critical it is to get really large numbers of these vehicles on the road.

Table Three: Conservative Estimate of Oil Leaking in Gulf


As of June 25 2010 in barrels per day



In gallons at 40 gallons to a barrel


Number of LUVs to Save One Days Worth of Oil Leaked


Number Needed to Save



One Years Worth of Oil from One Well





Estimated Number of Electric Vehicles Scheduled


for delivery in the USA in 2011


Recent estimates are that the USA sells between nine million and fifteen million vehicles a year. Clearly we need a huge national effort to make large numbers of LUVs to stem our building dependence on oil - both foreign and domestic.

That sort of effort can only come about by the combined focus of the Federal and State governments driven by the will of the people to solve this problem. The will of the people will only be felt if people work together on a shared vision with specific goals. The shared vision of a sustainable transportation future, built around accepting and using Local Use Vehicles is a powerful concept that can help make this happen.
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