How LUVs Solve Energy and Emissions Issues
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Local Use Vehicles are an urgently needed solution to Foreign Oil Dependency and Oil Addiction in General as well as many Related Issues including global warming while solving pressing health issues.

Electric Drives are more Energy Efficient
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Local Use Vehicles
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The Plan

      Electric Local Use Vehicles can get the equivalent of -       200 Miles per Gallon
(a passenger vehicle limited to 35 mph referred to as
a Medium Speed EV or MSEV) 

      Full speed vehicles get closer to the equivalent of -             120 Miles per Gallon
like the Leaf or RAV 4
(Compared to gasoline RAV 4 that gets 21/27 mpg)

      Electric motor scooters can get the equivalent of -              400 Miles per Gallon

Electric and Hydrogen LUVs can also Provide Significant other Benefites

            Using No Imported Oil only Renewable & Sustainable Energy

o       These vehicles can be charged with domestically produced sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro powered sources.

      Controlling and Reducing Smog

o      Emissions of NOx, CO, hydrocarbon particulates, and other smog producing elements could be reduced by over 90%.

     Global Warming Management

o       These vehicles substantially reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming.

      Protecting the Health of Our Children, Seniors and Others 

o       These vehicles keep emissions out the lungs of people with asthmatic and other breathing disorders.

      Reducing the Cost of Driving

o       The energy or fuel costs to operate a plug in vehicle has been tested to be as low as TWO CENTS PER MILE.

      Helping solve Infrastructure Development issues

o       In home and at work fueling builds an infrastructure base for all alternative energy vehicles one simple step at a time.

o       The low energy demand of a LUV helps ease the transition to new energy sources


      Increasing pedestrian and bicycle Safety

      Making Mass Transit becomes more viable with effective LUVs for the 1st and last mile

      Reducing Neighborhood Speeding Accidents

      Keeping Teen Drivers Safe as an ideal first vehicle it cannot speed
(also good for Seniors)

The Vision
Click here for an Example of the Emissions Benefits for 1000 Electric LUVs
Higher efficiency means less energy to get the same result. Less energy means less fuel whether it is from oil or a renewable source.

Electric LUVs would bring even more benefits most of which are shared by hydrogen fueled vehicles as well. These include:
Natural Gas vehicles can also be part of the LUV solution. They bring most of these benefits to the road to some degree and are a significant improvement over gasoline vehicles. They would initially use abundant domestic natural gas supplies and that would be a step toward building a biogas-based option.

LUVs are also a solution to:
Local Use Vehicles Can Help dig the US auto industry out of the hole they have created. Get in touch by using the contact button above for more indepth information
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A Comprehensive Program
Detailed Emmissions Saving per 1000 vehicles available. Click here for info.
Click here for the info on the Converting Vehicles to Electric Drive
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Click here for the info on the Medium Speed EVs (MSEVs)
Oil Dependence is costing jobs and hurting the economic recovery.
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Vehicles like this Electric Drive Ford Ranger can Keep Our Money from Leaving to Pay for Imported Oil.