Local Use Vehicles
Local Use Vehicles (LUVs) are
Freeing the U.S. of our Oil Dependence is a New National Goal.
Local Use Vehicles are a concept at the center of a vision. That vision can help
free use from oil dependence. Click "About LUVs" button above to learn more.
Creating the wide spread use of LUVs requires strong national and local action.
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A Comprehensive Program
The Second Car Solution to Freeing the U.S.A from Our Dependence on Oil
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A LUV in every garage
What would an Oil Free U.S.A look like?
It is a Vision filled with LUVs!

     Imagine a city filled with vehicles that cannot speed.

     Give these vehicles the technology to get the equivalent of 
                     200 Miles per Gallon

     Now realize they are using renewable fuels and energy
from locally produced sources.

    Go to every home in the neighborhood and see that one car is a
full speed plug in hybrid bio-fuel/electric vehicle and the rest are
all electric, or compressed natural gas, or hydrogen powered.

LUVS help solve energy and emmissions problems.
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A mile long line of LUVs in their natural habitat of Santa Monica.
Minimum oil required for these electric, hydrogen and natural gas vehicles, not to mention the human powered one.
Not using oil is not a vision. It is a blank slate. Stopping using something we depend on creates fear of change and resistance to losing a good life that is based on consuming oil.

Mobilizing our county to build, distribute and use as many Local Use Vehicles as possible is part of a goal rich vision. Creating a type of energy-efficient vehicle called LUVs is a positive goal. It creates a national goal on the level of putting a man on the moon, a chicken in every pot or two cars in every garage.
This sounds like a utopian dream or some sort of science fiction future. The fact of the matter is that all the items described have already been created. All of them are in use in substantial numbers with the exception of the bio-fuel plug in hybrid.

What is keeping this picture from being a reality in the USA is the lack of will, lack of a clearly articulated vision and the expense of the technology. The project described in this website would change all that and put us on track to create a sustainable transportation system very much like this vision.

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LUVs can mean millions of oil free vehicles in five years not the
tens of thousands currently lined up.
One key to building the US manufacturing is the medium speed vehicle classification.
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    Make these vehicles light and compact and able to stop 
                     quickly so that bicycles and pedestrians are safe.

     Now eliminate all poisonous emissions 
                     so the children and seniors stay healthy.

     Make them silent so the drivers stay calm 
                     so you have the safest possible vehicles on the road.

     See the solar system on every house,
apartment and place of work that is
producing the electricity and
hydrogen used in the vehicles.

     See the mass transit hubs in the
center of every community and
neighborhood shopping centers

     See the super compact parking near each transport center with hundreds of
 storage spaces and charging stations for electric cars and motor scooters
     Consider how the people using these vehicles feel safe and comfortable driving them
     in cities and urban areas.
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