One of the central efforts for the club is the City of Santa Monica Project. This project has helped to create a Local Sustainable Transport System

Since the start of this project the City has been given a Bicycle Friendly City Bronze Level award. It hosts an internationally recognized sustainable transportation exposition, the Alt Car Expo. It has one of the cleanest most sustainable city fleets. It has one of the best electric vehicle charging infrastructure programs. It has one of the highest concentrations of Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen fueled vehicles and natural gas vehicles of any city in the country. It has a light rail under construction and a sub way on its way to being implemented.

There are many people who have contributed to this and you can learn more about this effort by following the links on this page. Acknowledgement is due to three of the best people in this effort. City Councilmember Kevin McKeown has taken the lead repeatedly. Fleet Superintendent Rick Sikes has done a champions job. While she has not participated in our group, City Councilmember Pam O'Connor has connected us to the mass transit opportunities and other ties to the neighboring communities.
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The Sustainable Transport Club is a network dedicated to creating a system of sustainable transportation based on renewable energy by way of outreach and education, community organizing, and by helping our people to use sustainable transport in their daily lives.

People all over the country are creating a movement toward using electric vehicles, bicycles and other alternatives to high priced gasoline. The Club is working to help foster and support sustainable transportation by connecting these people and groups and by building local chapters.

 “We want to bring together people who are passionate about a whole range of alternatives to gas-hogging transportation, including bicycles, electric cars, motor-scooters and bikes, bio-diesels, plug in hybrids and mass transit,”

“Learn how you can become part of our effort.”
Russell Sydney,
Group Co-Founder.
The Club works when our people do what they can, when they can, to help create a sustainable future. Many of these people are working in groups dedicated to one specific part of the solution.

By connecting these various groups we increase the base of support for any one project. We are moving toward a vision that combines all these elements into a fully sustainable future. We normally meet at outreach events like the Alt Car Expo with the occasional planning session to help create such events.

The diverse interests of the group illustrates the nature of the solution as being one that has many pieces to the puzzle. The group is working to develop each of these pieces and to explore how they fit together to create the comprehensive whole that will carry us into the future.

We know that the pieces within the urban context include bicycles, electric vehicles powered by solar, bio mass fuels, rail based mass transit, converting green waste into energy and breaking the grip that the automobile has on our culture. In addition to these large challenges there are many others including the smaller parts that will also play important roles.

The Sustainable Transport Club is bringing people and groups together to do this work through grassroots community action. The work is on going on several levels including developing the technology, establishing the businesses that support the sustainable solutions and having the government facilitate the effort in the many roles that they play.

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Sustainable Transport Club
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City of Santa Monica Project
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Articles and Newsletters
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What if we could put all the knowledge and motivation for using electric vehicles (EVs) into one series of books and market those books to millions of people?
Energy and EV Secrets -
Books to Create Sustainable Transportation
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Our activities and other details going back to 2004 are on the old sites.
Check that for more info. and a bit of a laugh at the old sites.
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Recent developments have shown that our dependence on imported oil is undermining our economy and making a recovery difficult. Our dependence is keeping us from creating the jobs we need. Oil Dependence is threatening the future for our children and our country.

The U.S. Military, including past and present leadership, is doing more to create energy independence than any other branch of the government. They know what threatens our country's security and the lives of their men and women in uniform. The military is leading the way along with people concerned about the health of our people and our planet. This group welcomes any one with these concerns. The group is a way for all of us to connect and work together.

If you think we have this handled because we have a few Electric Vehicles (EVs) coming to the market, then please consider that EVs are being sold in the tens of thousands. The annual sale of gas vehicles is over ten million vehicles and there are 255-million gas and diesel vehicles on the road.

We are far from done with our work.
End Our Dependence On Imported Oil
There are two goals for these books. One is for them to help get large numbers of people driving EVs. The second is to help generate revenue for any groups or individual EV advocates that share the first goal.

Energy and EV Secrets is on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an e-book. It can be sent to people as holiday gesture and even goes through email. There will be a limited number of printed copies also available and the information about that is on the website for the book.
Click here to go to the site with information about the book Energy and EV Secrets.
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